OK folks, **************** EDIT : I put this on PAUSE...

OK folks,

EDIT : I put this on PAUSE… According with Pablo, some testing is necessary because I don’t have all the watches. When proof of all my work will be ok on all watches, a public release will be available asap for each brand.

Preparing packages to root watch devices these days, I need your help to get all boot.img images for all brands (Android 5.1 and not the Blitz of course) from the last updates…

If you can put a link to extracted image on google drive, you are welcome ^^

Et voila! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By9bMb0_WH9LLWo4NC16SlBVbDA/view?usp=drivesdk

That’s the KW88. What others are you specifically looking for?

@Kirk_Booth All watches based on the same Framework than the Blitz… But for root, I think all Android 5.1 watches will work… It cost nothing to try ^^

@Olimatou ​ Why you need boot.img? KW88, I2 and Blitz do not have any protection; you can flash my TWRP and root via SuperSU.
P. D. For KW88 I already have a working TWRP but I need to fix the flipped screen issue.

@Ciro_Danise Ok for the info, Blitz (The only watch I have is protected) lock the watch on reboot if system partition is modified, so I thought that it was the same behaviour on all watches ^^

For your flipped issue, downloading the latest firmware, I will have a glimpse on… send me your twrp sources… Did you tried the tw_rotation in your ui.xml ? Didn’t worked on latest twrp, only built it twice long time ago ^^

@Ciro_Danise Hmmm you said that Blitz isn’t protected but mine was locking everything on reboot after rooting… There is files and checks at boot (+crypto) that doesn’t allow system modifications… So root is ok only until 1st reboot…

@Ciro_Danise OK, there is a param in default.prop in recovery, edit the ramdisk to tweak it and see what result you get with it ^^ --> ro.sf.hwrotation=180 --> compare with your recovery .prop and see what you get…

We tried that - remember I mentioned it in the other thread? I don’t know if @Ciro_Danise ​ tried the TWRP UI.xml though…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Did it changed it in ramdisk ? Don’t know what he did exactly… I proceed by steps… Didn’t read your post on what you tried… I will :stuck_out_tongue:

I edited the default.prop in the ram disk and it made no difference. I did not know about the tw_rotation though. That might do it because under the UI everything was in the right place. Just the UI was inverted.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 try to add tw_rotation=180 in ui.xml :

	<variable name="tw_rotation" value="180"/>

/twres/ui.xml in recovery.img

(only 1 line under the variables declarations, added for you to sight where to place it ^^)

then tell me what you get ^^

@Olimatou Unfortunately adding tw_rotation in ui.xml as per your instructions has no effect.

Thanks @Ciro_Danise ​ it’s a really tricky issue :frowning:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Ciro_Danise Cannot add rotation to config file .twrps, seems now it is encoded (looks like blob type or byte array) and too tired to edit in hex tonight. And not sure also that tw_rotation still exist in twrp 3+… Ask Ciro to send me sources and will verify all that in headers…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ok, checked headers in twrp 3.0.2 branch on github for current variables and tw_rotation doesn’t exist anymore…

Very disappointing :frowning:

Can i have a copy just to root?

Mate - it does not work yet, that’s what we are trying to fix ! It is the wrong way round - you can ruin your watch with this !
Sorry to sound a bit harsh but surely you realise this after all the comments above?

I read and i understand but i had face simmillar situation at past and i know what iam doing