Official support thread for the Prime S 1+16gb Android 9

Hi all,

As the season is ramping up for new releases - here is Kospet’s latest addition to the Prime series.
The Prime S.
As mentioned in the title - it is Android 9 running on a new chipset from Unisoc.
Rather than MTK this is a fairly new chipset for watches but performs very well indeed.
This model also has a dual operating mode like the Optimus 2.
It can be used in either mode as described in the details below.
Unlike the older versions of dual mode - you can make use of the watch’s sensors for sports activities etc, while you are in low power mode.
This also helps in Android OS mode as a hand off takes place allowing the sensors to be used by the low power chip rather than the main chip doing all the work.
The phone is not active in sports/low power mode.
Pretty cool stuff at a very reasonable price !
Available here:

Reviews from Mr Ticks


Again, just so everyone knows…
The LEM P, Prime S, Optimus 2 and any of the other supposedly “Dual Mode” watches are not Dual Mode in reality.

Unlike the original Optimus watches that did have “dual operating mode” and the watch would boot into the BT environment.

This is because the Dual System mode is actually just a cut down version of the launcher that prevents the user from using the majority of Android apps and some services. So booting into the BT system is not required and does not happen. The BT system chip in this case is used to handle the sensor information and it does a good job of this.

On these devices, when you use the “other” operating mode you are effectively invoking a strict power saving mode - but only because the launcher changes and prevents you from accessing the regular apps.
Hence if you can get around the restricted launcher - phone calls and everything else still works as normal. You can easily verify this by installing a third party launcher.

I am saying this because I believe it is fair to be honest about the so called “Dual System” mode and I believe that the brands have not been completely transparent about this.
In fact, to the extent that I actually believed (before I got the devices) that they were indeed like the original Optimus watches and we would be booting into the BT chip environment.

Just an FYI


For anyone wanting to know how to allow apps in run in the background on this watch do this -

Main menu - optimization - clean task - tap on the white text - then tap the green circle on the app you dont want to sleep when the screen is off .

Also do this -

Main menu - settings - apps and notifications - special app access - unrestricted data - then tap slider on the app you want to have unrestrcited data

All of the above is a little different to some A10 and A7.1.1 watches



Having used the kospet prime s i can let you know about my findings, the watch is very nice looking , if you had the prime then you know how it looks and feels.
To start the sim card goes into the side of the phone , so the sim ejection tool is needed , on first bootup i checked the heart and blood o2 but they did nothing so i hard resetted it and all worked fine , having a prime 2 i did notice it was slower , but by dropping the annimations from 1.0 to 0.5 i noticed it was very nippy , apps installed perfectly even with the new google play section for your app updates has changed and its not as smrtwatch friendly as before alot of tapping on the top corner to get where i wanted to , the sport mode and how it works is within a second your on the sport mode which has all the watchfaces from the android side , switching back is also just over a second without the need to reboot the android system so way better than the optimus pro from last year. Battery life is good i got over a day and a half on android mode and nearly 5 days in sport mode… Music plays well but because of the speaker placement alot of the sound is muffled by your arm. Screen brightness is poor compared to its bigger brother the prime 2 , it has a wierd watchface store which misses loads of the faces that are on android 10 and 7.1.1 luckly downloading is easy if you use samsungs browser as the square mode does not work in chrome or its built in browser. , overall the ui looks the same as android 10 but if you want 5ghz wifi then you cant , which is a missed chance from kospet., when you get the watch you get just over 10gb for music videos and apps and its wise to make sure the app closes before you open another one as you only get around 422mb free memory as this watch only comes in with 1gb ram. So is it a good watch and my amswer is yes for people new to the full android watches , but for heavy users then sadly no , better to go for the new optimus 2 , watch came with a cool pair of kospet bluetooth headets which are free with orders done by the time of my mini review. I have myself ordered the optimus 2 and my wife was pleased to have my prime s as she does not do much on her watches., any questions over this watch let me know bellow and i will try to answer your questions , i paid €85 for the watch and free earbuds so a good bargain for starters , and with andoid 9 on board its a good watch and one for your collection , i had read there is a 32gb model coming with 3gb of ram if that arrives then this watch would be for everyone.


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i have to hard reset it everytime after switch mode , if not all the sensor not working.

This watch strap is 24mm not 22mm.

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What firmware version do you have?
There will be an OTA soon.
I have V1.4.

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I have version 1.3 with no ota update at the moment.One big problem i do have is the chrome app , its stuck on full screen , and does not switch to the box mode , uninstall and reinstall does not help., also cant get the sleep mode to work , every morning its the same 0.0

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I have version 1.3 too

I have KOSPET_PRIME_S_V1.3_20210603 @pablo11 AFTER our firmware flash. Same firmware you flashed to yours, right? And you’re on v1.4. Very interesting. No OTA waiting. This gets more and more interesting.

Yes Mr Ticks.
V1.3 is currently the latest and v1.4 is a WIP.
In your excitement earlier :sweat_smile:, I think you missed me saying that I have 1.3 and I thought it was V1.4 but I made a mistake :grin:

Same version here too.
That looks like all an adventure flashing this watch !
Congratulations to you for this achievement.


Factory reset it.
Mr Ticks had issues before I flashed it for him but now it seems to be ok.

Trust me, it’s easier than flashing it :sweat_smile:


Thanks will give it a go , had to factory rest on day one as the sensors for heart did not work

@pablo11, good advice to factory reset anyway. I noticed before the reset that the heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and breath training didn’t work. Now after reset they appear to work, though I won’t know about sleep until tomorrow as I just reset this morning and not before going to bed last night. Also worth noting, the fitness now reports heart rate on the workout screen and not just zero, so that interface is working as well.

So the watch is working again just like before and a factory reset after flashing appears to have cleaned up some stuff that was lingering related to the sensor diodes.

Lots of confusion about this device and unexpected behaviour etc…

I just wanted to remind everyone that the watch is a budget product designed to fit the needs of people who do not want run lots of apps and just want a decent cheap watch.

With only 1gb ram and Google Play services and Android 9 running - you can imagine that there is not much headroom to run anything else.

If you are thinking of running apps, universal launcher, lots of watch faces… You should not be buying this device.

There will be a 3gb + 32gb version coming if this is what you want to do.

This version is perfect for people who just want to leave it as it is and use it as a watch and use the built-in apps.

Running more Google apps and other things will just end up with you needing to reboot the device to get sensors working again and free up ram.

So I just wanted to make sure that everyone understands what 1gb of ram means when you are running a more recent version of Android OS which uses ram differently to Android 5.1 for example.

Just don’t want people to get the wrong idea about this product.
It is a decent budget device.
Just don’t expect to be able to do too much “outside the box” stuff with it.

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factory reset the watch 4x and still no sleep sata recorded on the watch , apart from that not working its a nice watch , i bought it only for the sleep function as i dont want my more powerfull prime 2 ( or optimus 2 when it arrives ) to get scratched or damaged as the prime s is small enough and light enough to be able to sleep with.the popbuds that come free are quite good as well with a good sound and quick pairing to my multable phones , overall a perfect watch for starters and with the old htc boost+ app installed ( clears the ram every 5 mins without shutting down the app you are using ) makes living with 1gb of ram not a problem at all.

I can give you the firmware but it is not easy to flash it.
My advice is to contact the seller.

If you have no other apps installed and you have reset - it should work.

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Mr Ticks has started to make his review.
Check top post. :+1: