Official Stock Firmware for Thor 4 UPDATED

Here you will find official firmware releases for the Thor 4.

If you flash this it is absolutely your own responsibility and requires some research on the web first.

Current version 20180612 contains many bug-fixes including the wake screen sensor, permanent WiFi MAC address and BT connectivity.


New version here

VOLTE enabled (testing) and other bug fixes.

Make sure you know what you are doing with this.
We take no responsibility for what happens if you have problems.

These watches power on immediately when connected to a charger - unlike any other watch we have had here.
To get around this you just prepare the included FlashTool and click download - I recommend you don’t flash the pre-loader. the zip file extract sp flash tool and the firmware for the watch, make sure drivers are installed and also usb mtp (you’ll find what you need on the forum).

  1. open sp flash tool and go to scatter loading file - locate the scatter file in the folder called image in the extracted zip file.

  2. untick the pre-loader.

  3. make sure that download only is chosen and then press download in Flash Tool.

  4. Please make sure the charger cable is connected to the watch only and watch is powered off.

  5. connect your USB cable to a usb v2 port (preferably - flashing will work with USB v3 but better with USB v2) - watch will IMMEDIATELY start to flash.

The moment it finishes you’ll get a green tick in SP Tools and that is it:)
close sp flash tool and disconnect the watch from charger and reboot it.

We can do this for you but remember that we are not paid employees so we get to it when we can

After flashing please perform a full factory reset of the watch by going to settings and then Reset Equipment.

If you are not familiar with flashing watches I strongly recommend that you ask for help or research it thoroughly before attempting it.

This video on our YouTube channel is very useful and shows flashing in Download Only mode

Another from HovaTech

You can use the download only option in flash tools but you must reset the watch afterwards.

This is because there will be many system and other changes - a reset ensures you get a clean start after flashing.

If you are an experienced user you can select the Firmware Upgrade option in Flash Tools.

This will flash the boot loader (pre-loader) so you MUST be certain you know what you are doing!!

This will get rid of old data scraps on the watch and is a generally better option - but still factory reset the watch after flashing.

Remember - the golden rule here is if in doubt ask !!