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Would it be possible to get a board for the non-round watch?

Yes, I know this is the round watch forum, but since the market has settled on round for the form factor, why not have a catch all spot for those rare uncivilized beasties that come in other shapes? I’ve a TenThirteen X9A Plus I’d love to write about, but there isn’t a place for it here, and I know there’s at least one other non-round model out there, Mr Ticks reviewed it, and its not exactly a watch, but sorta is.

(Figured I’d post this here rather than right a moderator so other members can offer their thoughts)

Round or square - I do not believe it matters as long as it is a Chinese created, android 5.1 running a MTK65xx cpu…
That X9A looks like the ‘N8’ !

Square watches get 600 milli ampere hour batteries - 25 percent more capacity.

Big woop ?
I also believe there is maybe two/three engineering houses creating it all and splintering off to be the fifty plus smart watches…
Is the X9A in the finow house with X5 ?

I guess - what is the build string say ?

Between the title and not seeing or at least not noticing the model here, I figured I’d ask. Its definitely an oddball as it seems to be running a more or less generic 5.1 phone interface.

Build string? You mean build number, or? Build number and build version are both X9Aplus

Ok, looked closer, not related to the X5 or X anything, this is a completely different beastie

My ‘N8’ says it is running a ‘X5’ rom in it.

Hmm, go figure.
I had to go to amazon and get ‘Mister Magoo’ glasses to read all this tiny stuff.
So I’m swapping back and forth between my 1.50 reading glasses and the high power, 4.50 magnifier to see the build strings.

Right now it is deader than dead an on the charger.

I don’t like these things draining really flat.

But I think keeping a device on a trickle charger gives its drain range bad/highs and lows…

I will tell you the string when the watch let me.