Oc_357_digital band scroll_001

I use the wonderful tool that is provided by Marco and company to make the designs for the watch faces that I have uploaded. I don’t have a way to upload the completed watch face for the Digital Band Scrolling Watch that I just finished.
The problem is that there is no feature that I can see to make the bands (Hour, Minute, and Seconds) scroll in Watchface Designer example: (-[SEC]*40.42258064516129), as in Watch Face Studio.
Or am I missing something. I would love to provide the .xml, artwork, and fonts.



Maybe Arraytype 75 can be used. But you have to add it manually to the XML.

-Arraytype 75 Image Slider

If you want to make it work for Universal Launcher, the easiest way to solve it is by using three different GIF’s.

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