Not having any luck it the firmware sent to me.

Not having any luck it the firmware sent to me. Just back at the boot cycle. Could this be stopping the battery from charging?

Managed to get the firmware upgrade downloaded to the watch but the watch is showing 3% and shuts down at the android logo.

@C_For ​ hearing all these problems you’re encountering makes me wanna cancel my order of the KW88.

@Miguel_Tan I wouldn’t let it put you off. If if’s faulty I’ll just send it back for replacement.

@Miguel_Tan SOLVED!!! Charging as I speak!

Still rebooting but I guess this is the battery issue. I’m hoping after a few hours this will be ok. I’m charging on a 1a charger as well so might not be giving it the juice it needs.

Is this the 20160714 version?

Yeah @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Watch is on now and charged to 81% @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Yes - ok. Wait for an announcement shortly

Watch got to 60% and dropped out. Now charging from 1%. What’s going on!?

As was announced yesterday - the firmware situation is a mess. You are now on an un known version. The version we had dated 20160714 was unusable as far as battery goes. That’s why I was more than a little surprised that you had been given that firmware…

We will test and release firmware from the ODM - do NOT trust firmware from any other source.

Sorry it sounds a bit dramatic but you are now on an almost useless firmware revision.

More news when it’s sorted out. Cheers