No any copies! Original watch faces from Alex Sadov. 510S

This and another over 100 analog and digital watch faces you can find here:


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Thx for sharing, unfortunately none of them seems to work on MW H2 (MTK6580) :frowning:

Hi! I don’t know what the MWH2 means.
But this watch face works with CPU MTK6580 properly.
Here is the photo of mine smart watch AllCall W2 with MTK6580MTK6580 .

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Oh sorry, MW H2 is the Microwear H2, sorry :slight_smile: Yes it’s an MTK6580, the old Android 5.1 :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s just an example, also my Lemfo LES1 was the same tech… Anyway I can see the preview of these faces but when I confirm a face, the screen remains black :roll_eyes: Of course using Universal Launcher latest version. With other faces, I’ve no issue at all :pleading_face:

If the face is still ZIP, try to unzip or unzip and zip again with another zip tool.

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Ok Eric, thx for your answer. I’ll give a try ! :crossed_fingers:t2:

WOW U’R GREAT !!! It works perfectly !!! Really strange… Why this behavior ?

UL is using several different langage. On Java, the unzip is not the same as on C++ layer, so you can see the preview (in java) and not being able to unzip in C++ because the ZIP file is not compatible…

So, now you can use any of my watch face.


Yep, they work perfectly !!! Thx man :blush:

I noticed that any watch face of this collection contains a subfolder in the ZIP file. For example, if the ZIP file contains a folder named ‘ABC’, I have to rename the ZIP file itself as ‘ABC.ZIP’. Otherwise, if the ZIP file is named ‘EFG’ while the folder inside it is named ‘ABC’, the screen of the watch remains BLACK while using this watchface…

PS that’s why usually, I rename massively any watch face of my CLOCKSKIN folder in the watch using a tool in the format ‘0001.ZIP’ , ‘0002.ZIP’ , ‘0003.ZIP’ … ‘0xxx.ZIP’.