No any copies! Original faces only! 355S This and other more than 70

No any copies! Original faces only!
This and other more than 70 analog and digital watch faces you can find here:


There is a little problem since you using the same link for every watchface:
I have to pick every single face you are posting from the google spam filter and move it to the community… :wink:

@G1NT0N1C I added the link for exactly this face.

Thanks. I don’t know what exactly is the problem… but there wasn’t any problem with your posts in the past.

the link guides me off site the comunity to a dubious russian site flagged as spam and known for child pornography. not in line with swiss rules. won`t follow any further. the OP needs to sort that out. edit: mail just received, G+ flags this account as spam. no further interest.

@Stephan_Schwobel This is the link to my site and there are nothing except the faces for the smart watch.

@G1NT0N1C According to 314 times for the last week people download the watch faces from my site and nobody had any problems.

Don’t know what’s the problem, I just noticed that every single post of you is marked as spam (Next post I can send you a Screenshot).

@G1NT0N1C 5% from Russia only, all other from rest 58 countries

It’s ok, we will figure it out. For the moment I’ll have to move your posts from the spam filter to the community manually.

@G1NT0N1C So this isn’t my fault?

I don’t know.

@G1NT0N1C First watch face with the link to my site I posted 6 months ago. 670 times for last month only, people from around the word download my faces from this site. Googl analytics supervise for all activities on my site. My site is absolutely clear.

Collusion. : )

@Louis_Peek Yes! It’s conspiracy of two men! All other 6950 visitors didn’t know about this hard case during last 12 months.

@Louis_Peek By the way, did you try to download this watch face? If not, please try.

LOL I’m just kidding Alex. I love your watch faces and Thank You! : )

@Louis_Peek When I have read and understood your post about Stephan’s click on his own history by mistake, I laughed for a long time.

: )