No any copies! Original faces only! 349S Over 50 analog and digital watch faces

No any copies! Original faces only!
Over 50 analog and digital watch faces you can find here:

Please add a download to this face, not a link to your side. Please edit your post. Thank you mate.

@G1NT0N1C This is link to the page of my site where anyone can find this and other my watch faces.

I know. Please edit your post.

Как всегда безупречно! missing/deleted image from Google+

@1119 Enjoy!

@G1NT0N1C Yes, but what’s the point? I published about 50 watch faces with this link. Why today You fling such claim against me?

Just because I didn’t noticed it. I allready talk to Pablo because I was not sure, he will contact you. It’s ok to link to your own website, but you need to provide a download link for every single face. Exact like you have done it for a very long time.

I edited the link. But anyway I do not see the sense of your demand.

Thank you, Alex.

@Alex_Sadov @G1NT0N1C I have looked at this and the link that you have provided is perfectly fine as it is now.
But I also think that a link to Alex’s web page is ok as well.
He is not charging for his work.
He is not leading members away because his work is also posted here.
In view of this he is not breaking our rules.
As long as the work meets our rules and it is just Alex’s work - not other people as well - I have no problem with it all.
Usually we don’t allow links to other sites because they are doing one or some of the following:
a) charging for their work
b) using copyrighted material which we do not allow
c) trying to build their own community network off the back of ours
d) re-hosting our member’s work for their own gain

As Alex is not doing any of these things I see no problem.
@Eric_Crochemore @sonia_sophie_ataunna

Ok, thanks, @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , for the clarification.

Sorry, @Alex_Sadov , I was wrong. Sometime it’s a little bit tricky to interpret our rules in the right way.

@G1NT0N1C OK. Don’t worry about it.