No any copies! Original faces only! 212S gif.

No any copies! Original faces only!
212S gif.
Download link:


Dude … you need to start posting links … ffs

@Warlock_Weary For what purpose?

Good one but no link

For what purpose? - So people can Download it and use it > Ummm

@Alex_Sadov Nobody gets full just because you show him the picture of a bread… :wink:
A nice watchface, by the way.

@Warlock_Weary @G1NT0N1C
I suggested that people can ask the download link of this skin if they like it.
Anyway I post the link right now.

@Alex_Sadov that’s good. I like this one.

@Alex_Sadov thanks Alex - nice work.
I guess it’s easier to post links with your faces instead of asking if people would like the link.
I think everyone would like the link because your faces are really good :slight_smile:

@G1NT0N1C @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11
OK, i will do it.
Thanks to everybody for the kind words addressed to my watch skins.

@Alex_Sadov That’s great. I know you might want to get stats on how many people are using your watchfaces (I imagine that’s why you wanted people to ask you for the face). I also like to have those stats, even though they mean nothing (mainly, they act as an incentive to design more watchfaces). That’s why when I post a watchface I short the link using That way, gives me stats on how many clicks I had on it. Here’s a screenshot of the info gives. As you can see, no personal info is given, so privacy is guaranteed. Those stats are also public. Anyone can see them just by adding a + to the end of the url. For example:

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Marco_Ferreira Thanks. Very interesting.

@Marco_Ferreira I use google url shortener for the same kind of reasons - I guess it is also easier to keep everything Google :slight_smile: Its a matter of choice too…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I used to use it too, but Google announced its discontinuation :frowning:

@Marco_Ferreira oh really ? That is going to be an issue :frowning:
Thanks very much - I will make other arrangements for existing links soon…
Shame - I liked that function…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 existing links will continue to work. Only new links will be impossible to create.