"Night and Day"... two different versions of the same watch... "Night and Day"...

“Night and Day”… two different versions of the same watch…
“Night and Day”… original designs by me, Andrew Davis… if you would like a download of both watchskins then please send £1.25/$1.50/€1.50…
(If you would like only one please send £1/$1/€1 and request “Night” or “Day”)

Don’t forget to put “Night and Day” as a reference/subject… :slight_smile:

Like it.
Could you tell us which tool you’re using to build your round png face ? I mean, i’ve tried with Gimp or Inkscape, but it’s not easy at all to make round things…

If you are looking for the freeware - GIMP is the perfect tool for graphic editing. Many tutorials are available online.

@Eric_Crochemore Gimp and ClockSkinMaker are all that I use… as Piotr says, it’s the perfect tool for graphic editing… :slight_smile:

Wow, so i’m impressed, i tried with Gimp to divide à circle in 60 to mark the minutes but i didn’t succeed. If you could point me to a good tutorial that would be great, cause i didn’t find one…

YouTube has lots and you can stop-start a video when you want…
New file - 400x400
Circle tool - expand from centre, 1:1 proportions
Make circle 400x400, centre 0,0
Fill circle with colour (white?)
Use grid/guides
Mark a spot at 12 o’clock point on circle
Rotate circle 90 degrees (3 o’clock)
Mark spot at 12 o’clock mark
You can shortcut by copying layers that contain (say 4) spots, rotate one layer, merge both - you now have 8 spots - repeat, you have 16

OK thanks, i’ll try this. I thought there was some automatic way to do it, like with autocad tool.

I use only Gimp. I make lots of circles, some really big ones :slight_smile:
I make marks like Andrew (the other Andrew). In the rotate tool you can enter in a number for the rotation in degrees.
Mark 12oclock,
copy, paste, rotate 180, (2 marks now)
copy, paste, rotate 90, (4 marks now)
copy, paste, rotate 30, (8 marks now)
paste, rotate 60 (12 marks now, all at 5sec pos)
copy, paste, rotate 6, 12, 18, 24 for remaining seconds
it only takes a minute

Hi all. Nice watch face.but how can i used in my watch lg urban .what software to use and how? Thanks

That’s not an android wear watch software (and forum). It’s a pure android system so thanks to that we can make some magic on our own. I’m not sure is it possible to adapt to adroid wear watch without modification to apk file?

I’ve just tried the Night version in a dark room… it looks good (perhaps better with the brightness turned down)…

@Andrew_Davis Since the first custom clock skin I released in the far 25th of January :slight_smile: I fiddled with the idea of a face with auto night mode. I never found a good way for that. And you?

Wow thanks good one

@Ciro_Danise I couldn’t manage auto night mode (yet)… you have to download two watches and manually switch when you want to change them… the Night watch has a black translucent filter as the final (top) layer…

I added a translucent filter on my panoramas, to dim when cloudy. You could create a ring half clear and half translucent and rotate it at the 24hr rate. The transitions could be at say 07:00 and 19:00. You could also blend it around these times. I’ve played with Gimp’s polar distort filter, so I know how it works, I can send you a prototype if you like

@Andrew_Somers I considered that… by using the gradient fill and a large enough rotating 24hr ring then the transition from Day mode (clear) to Night mode (translucent) would be subtle enough to not have a two tone screen at (say) 19:00hr… and the 24hr ring could be tinted between any two points (times) - say, 20:00 and 05:30…

The other problem for this watch would be the fact that it’s translucent screen has cut-outs (that reveal elements below)… less practical if the Night mode rotated in…

Why I said “yet” was because I was thinking of using a digital array to introduce the filter… to make a quick rather than gradual change, from one mode to another… I used a similar technique on the “power lights” on this watch… lights come on in sequence as the power level reaches set values… it’s just a bit tricky sorting out… which digital values, in which part of the array, and at what position on the watch… that the array has to be for the filters to work correctly…

I’m also not keen on the watch always being light or dark at the same times every day… that might not always be the desired effect… 22:00hr outside in the dark you’d want the “Night” mode but 22:00hr in a restaurant you’d want “Day” mode… similarly you might want the “Night” mode at 12:00hr if you were in the cinema…

It’s a bit clumsy to have to press and hold to change faces/modes but I felt it to be the preferred technique… at the moment :slight_smile:

Does it Works in zooper? How can I buy it?

@Fabio_Marcello Hi Fabio… these watchskins were designed for my D5 (and other similar watches)… they won’t work on the newer I2/KW88/LEM3 type watches - watchskins cannot be loaded onto those watches :frowning:

People are “converting” watchskins with Zooper but it’s a complicated process - it’s like breaking eggs to make an omelette and then trying to get the eggs back after you’ve cooked it :slight_smile:

Which watch have you got?

I’ve not seen a conclusive tutorial on how to install the faces to my watch. I’ve just purchased the Lem5. Will they be compatible with the Lem5? Could you please give me a link? Many thanks.

Should work on the LEM5 but I’ve not tested it… no bad feedback… have you tried this?