Nice vid of the I2 being opened by Smartwatch Ticks :

Nice vid of the I2 being opened by Smartwatch Ticks :

First wish: It would be nice to get that keyboard out - don’t you think?

Yeah! It looks much better than the one on my k9. I hope you guys can manage to extract it and make it available for others devices

Great review ! many improvements over the D5. Have You already tested SIM card connectivity ? Can this watch reconnect to the network after losing the signal, or the D5 bug is still here ?

I didn’t have this problem on my k9

Very strange. Everyone on this community say that those round smartwatches have the Sim issue (d5 k9 x1 x3 x5) with every firmware…

I received it only few day ago but every call I made and every call I received and made to myself from another phone just to try didn’t have any problem at all. I’m in Italy and I have Tim company all work fine for now

I have tested my D5 with tim and wind sim card (Italy) and all have the problem when losing signal on uncovered area. The watch can’t reconnect to the network.

What do you do to recover signal.? I didn’t read that before. I only read on this community about connectivity problem on the last firmare reported here but not the stock one

I ask to creator or moderator. Is it true that all this watch have this problem even with stock firmware? I didn’t have that problem till now but probably I always stay in a area with strong signal. I will try it the next week traveling to work, I know I will sure go through area with no signal

To auto restore signal i have found sig care app. Set it for a refresh every 15 min.

Yep, the only other way is reboot. Sometimes just switching to Airplane mode and back doesn’t fix it. @EasyLearn_How which firmware version do you have?

luckily I have not had this issue with the I2.

The original K9 firmware for the X series watches was always the most stable for cellular connectivity :slight_smile:

have you test it also on uncovered area or poor signal area ? Have you tried if the phone can always hook the signal ? Thanks

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 15 aprile 2016

@Mauro_S in my house it is pretty poor but is there. On the next week I’ll try going through an area with no signal at all for 1km

Ok. Have this watch more storage than D5 for the apps ?

@Mauro_S idem

I read there is no a gesture for back comand. Is it true ?

No. You can go back like the other ones, swipe from up to down or bottom button