New YouTube clip of updated firmware,looking good. From the beautiful Zoe.

New YouTube clip of updated firmware,looking good.
From the beautiful Zoe.

Confirmed with the seller on Aliexpress that they have received notification of the new firmware as well! They will have stock ready to ship from Saturday!

What smartwatch is it on the video

KW88 - it’s another model we have just taken on to support.

@john_gully - the seller on aliexpress has said that the silver model will only be matched with white and red straps. Any idea if this is true?

This is true, so my watch is rare will sell for $1000…nah just jokes lol. But yes at the moment no black band for the silver sorry to say, although the gun metal grey looks very nice with the black band.

Do you have a close up of the grey and black. I’d like to see the front of the faces @john_gully

I recognise at least two of the clock faces from our members… have they been credited?

@Andrew_Davis and here we go again… :wink:

I will follow up on this.

Hey there’s my star trek mod watch face which has been modded…

Thanks mate - we are looking for the creators of these faces as we have been in discussion with KW about this. We are looking at a way that the designer can be credited for the work and we have got a working model which we are proposing to them. It simply shows the creator’s name in the preview of the face but once selected - it shows just the face on the watch. Once we have agreement we are looking at creating a repository for members to drop faces in to if they want them to be used and get credited.
Would you be agreeable to an arrangement like this?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I think that would be a great system if you guys can do it.

That would be awesome,wins all round.
Hopefully KW can work better with you guys then the others did. You know who u are.

We will make announcements as it happens. Thanks all.

Silver version with black strap is not available. Seems like they only made the tarnish and the gold one first.

@mobile-reviews dear, i am a talkative girl,maybe you can find itl in your spam email :slight_smile:

Found it yesterday after i ask again for a status and Girls just don’t get in my spam :smiley: