New toys arriving for the November Madness season - here is the first -

New toys arriving for the November Madness season - here is the first - including a little discount
A very nice looking watch with 2gb ram and 16gb storage.
4G data and LTE calls on supported carrier networks.
Both 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi channels are available.
Straps are NOT removable and contain the antennas for the watch. Like it or not - this design actually gives the best reception for all comms.
The software launcher interface has been given a make over - the icon colours are bright and vibrant.
Some nice new features include, Always On Screen, Wallpaper Watch Faces (create your own face from a favourite photo) and Barometer.
The screen is very bright indeed and is similar to the LEM7 (so it has the usual black border around the LCD image) but has a nice, red anodised alloy bezel.
The always on screen will be a welcome feature for many people and interestingly it does not drain power in any significant way.
The “raise watch to turn on screen” gesture has also been improved on this model for those who prefer it.
Have a look at the product page for more details

You should be able to get a very good deal on this and to help along the way we have been given a voucher from Lemfo to help :slight_smile: here -

The Red bezel model - grey is also a choice for those who prefer it.
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How does the always on screen work? With a special mode or the main watchface?

@Marco_Ferreira A special face - Amoled friendly and is just for this purpose only

@tim_Collins About the GPS fitness app - it may not be ready in time for release but it’s coming.
They are almost finished tweaking it and I hope it will come in a firmware update soon after release.
I guess this is why it’s not mentioned on the product page…

So this new features maybe the LemX will have too , I think I read the the LemX has too the always on screen. I don’t get Lemfo they are abandoning the the old expensive watches

@Rafael_Duarte1 LEMX does not have always on screen but does have the wallpaper/photo watch face function now.
The last update for the LEMX was only last month so I don’t think they are abandoning them…Or do you mean different models?

To bad the Lemfo shop in the link doesn’t ship to my country :frowning:

“Always On Screen” => what is the uptime in this case ?

It’s just a dim light when always on, just The time, you can barely see it, I seen the rewe on YouTube, it’s a joke

@SHARE_YOUR_LOVE_4_GO actually no - that’s rubbish.
The always on screen is fine.
Like any watch though - if you are in direct sunlight you will need to shade the screen slightly.
I have seen it and it’s perfectly acceptable.
I don’t know what you were expecting but it’s the same as looking at a Wear watch in daylight - pretty much.
Standby with screen always on is around 1.5 days with light use.
About one day with normal use.
That’s the trade off for having amoled screen alive all the time.

Nice review from Mr T :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 About the fitness app with integrated GPS, will there be an update to WiiWatch2 as well? It doesn’t appear to have a spot for anything other than pedometer and heart rate. For example, maps, pace, etc. would be nice. And activity history, which is also absent from the WiiWatch2 app as far as I can tell (not connected to a watch right now mind you). Or is there another app that will pair with LEM8?

@Andrew_O the support forum is here