New to the site, but I don't understand what it's for.

New to the site, but I don’t understand what it’s for. I have an android wear watch and have been using watchmaker to make faces for years, but I don’t understand what all these watch faces are for?

This isn’t for Wear. It’s for Chinese watches running full Android.

@Seth_L Thanks. Looks like a found a site that has no meaning in the USA? LOL

@Mr_Paladin ​ actually folks own these watches in USA and other places. You can buy them online.

@Seth_L I’m researching them right now. D5 watches on Amazon are $150, but direct from China are $50. Sure is a big difference in price.

@Mr_Paladin ​ There you go…

I have used virtually all of them…the X5 is the most reliable, stable and complete one in my opinion. I assume the D5 is 100% similar…so go for it as a start.
You will just love it.
I have a complete review on all of them…search for it.

@Khalid_Naji The D6 is now my favorite, running android 5.1. Still can’t convince myself to get a watch that isn’t ON all the time. That’s the reason I got rid of my first Moto 360 and got the LG Urbane. I want my watch face on all the time. think I’ll wait for my new Pebble Time 2 to get here in November.