New to smart watches on how to put new clock skins on watch.

Have a lemfo LemP smart watch and want to add for more on it but have no ideal on what steps to do in order to do this?..besides here is there another site that also work for this brand?..tried watchmaker but having difficulties getting the companion app on watch to link with phone…Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome . First and foremost read our thread on " watchdroid " to connect your watch with your android phone ( not iphone ) .

Clockskins are easy . Connect watch to pc and open the clockskin folder . Drag into this folder the clockskins you have download from this forum ( unzipped ) .

If when you connect your watch to pc and nothing happens . Goto settings - connectivity - usb - file transfer .

Ps - make sure for now the clockskins you download are not " universal launcher " clockskins


In osx I install the watchfaces with the url and Clockskin transfer in the watch.

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