New Sundial version! Zip Thumb Notes:

New Sundial version!



This version always has minute digits in view beneath the hour shadow. I used a photo because CSM didn’t generate the correct sample image.

BUT the digits shown under the shadow are the closest 10 minutes. 10 minute line markings also under the hour shadow.
So, if the hour is 3, and you saw 10 ON the middle mark, you know its 3:10. If you see 10 left of the middle minute mark, you know its almost 3:20. Easier seen than explained.

The centre column will still show the minute digits accurate to the exact minute for ease of reading. (The exposure in the photo obscures the minute display in the middle but it’s there I promomise :slight_smile: )

Previous version shows minute accuracy to the minute but the downside is, the minute value is shown on the hour mark while the shadow (ie. hour hand) moves smoothly from one hour to the next. So at the 30 minute mark, the minutes are not very well displayed because the hour hand is furthest from the minute mark.

I haven’t decided which version I like better.

Fantastic!!!..please do it with a "starwars lasersword