** NEW ** LEMFO Lem 15


We did not even finish playing with the Android 10 now 10 .7

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Dual 900mah batteries? I think It Meana 900mah battery and 900mah Power bank


Yes, you are right.

it’s probably the same, they just didn’t specify the sub-version before


It seems that they are trying to get the specs correct. But what is a 200w and 500w camera?

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Yes sorry Didn’t add that picture.

2MP front and 5MP main camera.

I prefer The LOKMAT APPLLP 4 it has a more beautiful dial and comes with a metal strap and an 8MP side camera:

Otherwise it’s exactly the same smartwatch.

Premiers on Aliexpress in 4 hours - 12 Noon EST

Pity they are running with such small screens. Texting is too darn hard. They need at least 50mm imo

… and as the eyes get older, you need even more … :joy:

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yeah but that is an easy fix with glasses. Fat fingers are the bigger problem for me

Yes we are selling more glasses than ever before! TNX to Smartfone and Smartwatch!



My eyes are not getting worse - but my arms are now too short…:joy: If I want to read a text well, I hold my smartphone by my outstretched arm. I’ll need a selfi-stick soon.


I would be very surprised if the LEM15 and the Lokmat used different cameras. Same watch from the same factory with different bezels, Most likely Lemfo is just being more honest. I would expect 5MP true / 8MP interpolated.

Same general dimensions, cameras, screen, and processor as a LEM12, I think the side sim tray is an improvement as well the increased RAM. Looks like an iterative improvement but if you already have an LEM12 I wouldn’t rush out and buy one.

@ackattacker It is not the RAM which increases but the ROM and now it is 128GB so it is very interesting to install all the video games that I use.

I will soon be receiving the LOKMAT APPLLP 4 and I can’t wait to wear it on my wrist.

If you have the LEM12 it is interesting to buy the new LOKMAT APPLLP 4 on the other hand if you have the LEM12 Pro it will be less interesting because it has the same processor as the APPLLP 4 there will just be the 128GB ROM which will change.

Heyhey…or You let laser Your Cornea to become a MYOP. Then You can read perfectly the Smartwatch-Screen without Glasses…but You need Glasses for Distance after.

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At first I also thought that the side SIM tray was better than the position under the back cover. But looking at the specs, I see that the LEM 15 is IP67, unlike the LEM 14, which is IP68, and I think it is precisely this change that makes it not waterproof. Apparently this opening is not sealed and water could easily enter through the SIM tray. But I’m just speculating, we have to wait to see if this is the case or not.

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As a runner i prefer the side sim tray . I have ruined many watches with sweat leaking in the underside