NEW KW88 SP TOOLS FW 20160921 Fix for random reboots.

NEW KW88 SP TOOLS FW 20160921
Fix for random reboots.
Check guides section for installation.
FW located here

Thanks :wink:
But if no other changes I’l skip this one. I have no random reboot(s).

Yep - I understand. It may have bluetooth stability fixes but I’m not certain about that…

OK…even there (lucky me) I don’t have any problems …it’s connection always and when I’m more then 10 mtr away it disconnect just to connect again as soon as I get within that circle of 10 again

Thanks… This can be flashed on watch with version 0730 also right?

Yes - that’s the point of this. People were missing out on the OTA. This can be flashed on any version. I thought it might be helpful to some :slight_smile:

Excuse me, what is firmware upgrade procedure ? I’m interested in it because with official firmware KW88_CS1_B_GSM_PHT_20160903 I’ve some problems with connection between smartphone and kw88. When I turn on both I’ve to search manually kw88 from sinwear and connect. And if I’m away it disconnect and after I’ve to reconnect always manually. Pheraps this firmware resolve this problem ?

I suggest you read the guides and FAQs in this community. A lot of time and effort goes into producing them.

Thanks but if you can suggest me a start point to read about formware upgrade I can avoid to read a lot of post. Thanks very much.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 maybe it;s me but I can’t find the guides on how to install the latest firmware on KW88. I’m stil on 160729 and I’m unable to OTA.

Sorry for asking.

Is this helping?

Many thanks Martin. I’ll view video hope that it help me.

yep that’s the same one that is in the guides section and applies to all watches using MTK chips. The only difference is that the older watches prefer the 5.13 SP tools and the newer 5.1 watches prefer 5.16 SP Tools.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ my problem was and still is, I can’t find the instructions in the FAQ’s or Guides. @Martin_Nijhuis ​ link to smartwatchticks video is helping, but the video is too long.
This is where the guides for flashing are. Use download mode and don’t flash the pre-loader

Thanx +Pablo, wasn’t able to find that page.

No worries :slight_smile:

Excuse me. If I install new FW is it possible to come back reinstalling official fw ? If yes where I can download official fw ? Many thanks.

From the link above. All our firmware is over on the new forum.
And yes you can flash back to an earlier firmware version. Just make sure you never flash the pre-loader and always use “download only” mode in SP Tools.