New inspiration watchFace (added 2 faces)


there is my new watchface, with time, date, distance and battery.

Question: on my watch (Kospet Prime) when battery is full (100%) the bar is empty.


+++Added 2 variants with Carbon effect, light effect on logo and Kcal


A preview image would be good and also credits if required . Thanks

Very creative… Good work!

no One know where is the pb?

@Jj_Gallais maybe @G1NT0N1C can help with the battery problem.

Kospet prime1? Which firmware version?

it’s your x values for the battery that are wrong, you should subtract 400 from them so that they look like this (it makes it work with UL at least):

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If I understand @Jj_Gallais right, I assume another problem. I’ll try to have a look tomorrow and post a solution.

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Fixed, but not tested. Should work now. Please check and let me know… - Google Drive

I have used AT61 instead of AT14. So it should work on most A7 and A10 devices.


i will try later and tell U. Thx a lot.

The problem with the new face engines is that the “battery percentage” number is centered. For this reason, the digits no longer have any fixed positions. Therefore, battery graphics can no longer be displayed as they used to be. There are now two new array types for this, AT61 and AT63. These can be used for battery graphics.


aha, I see

it works , thx a lot… ::

Good to know! To make it work on the other two faces, just copy the battery pictures (they are particly renamed) the two battery xml’s and the Digital_1 Digital_2 Part of the clockskin-xml.


hi, and how to select it in WFD??

You can use the WFD beta for the new battery AT. There are some bugs in the beta, but the new battery- arraytypes are working fine.

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ok thx but how to select array 61?

Pre-select new stocklauncher face. One of the last Icons of the left menu is for battery, if I remember right. I can’t check it atm.

i saw “Create battery level by image layer” is that one?