New from Mr Ticks :

New from Mr Ticks :

Nice review, now i want android 5.1 on my k9 3g…:slight_smile:

I’m hot and cold with this watch.
I’ve never purchased a standalone watch. How do I get another SIM card? I’m in the US and have AT&T.

hi, someone can answer me about KW88 and i2 Watch:
kw88: where can I buy sliver color of this Watch ?
i2 lemfo: the screen is not oled, it’s so bad like D5 ?
thank you

@SPAC_Prod_myspac - the black silver combo was changed by the manufacturer so that will not be released. If you want silver you will need to purchase the red or white strap version. Black strap is available in gold or tarnish version.

The screen is amoled and very nice! Much better than the D5.

i2 is likely similar screen to D5. Can’t be sure because I don’t have one but it is not amoled.

Thank you Calvin; and we can swap strap if buy two items ?

No you can’t swap.

good looking clock skin on that X5 :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ how much memory availabe has this smartwatch for the apps?

Not much - same as the others 512Mb
I try to move as many as possible to storage. As long as they don’t depend on system activity - like brightness control for example. This can degrade performance for this type of app.

I just saw this for $99 after being $139…is that normal?

@Eric_Brown I think the first batch is gone so they are doing pre-orders again with a wider range of suppliers now. Was that Gearbest you saw it on?