New FINOW X1 Plus [Engineering Prototype] Video! Enjoy...

New FINOW X1 Plus [Engineering Prototype] Video! Enjoy…

Just wondering if there is any chance that GPS performance will have improved with the new chipset? Looks like a good watch though, thank you for the great video :slight_smile:

It’s from Finow? Then it will be abandoned in no time as they did with the X5. But they can make new watches in a few hours: just take the X5, drop two buttons and you are done :smiley: There seems to be a construction kit.

ha ha - naughty naughty, lol :slight_smile:
I think the GPS is more of an antenna issue than chip-set issue.

Yes, GPS is weak on all these Watches. Antenna is paper thin and cheap made :smiley:

Ah thank you @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​​ and @Vmax ​​, hoping this wasn’t the case but thanks for responding :slight_smile:

@Copeland I cannot say that the new ones will suffer the same problems. They have spent some time to work through the weaknesses of the older version so hopefully these new models will have better quality components.
However - I have to say that I notice more and more lately that people are expecting “the world” from these watches. Just remember - it’s a tiny device on your wrist and is not capable of making breakfast for you :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Oh right, I’ll have to wait and see I suppose. Other than that, I really like the look of this!

Btw, the No.1 D5+ ist exactly the same …

we don’t know that yet. They are only just producing the first few (probably 100) test devices in the next week…