New design posted on Watchawear.

New design posted on Watchawear.

Designed in Photoshop and created with ClockskinMaker

Upper dial: 24hr clock
Lower dial: month
Left dial: battery level (%)



Nice face, thank`s

Clock skin maker software is pc or phone? I don’t know and I have not this software :cry:. I want this because I can try more Watch face for my KW88. Please!:cry: Where Clock skin maker software ? I want this :cry:. Link please!:cry::cry::cry:

Sorry for my broken language :disappointed:

@wooferman_996 look for Eric Crochemore’s launcher in this forum. Install it on your KW88 and you are good to go

@A_vdK ​ Eric Crochemore’s launcher is SW launcher? I have Swlauncher and more watch face; downloaded in this group :grin:. Now I want Clock skin maker :cry::point_down::point_down::point_down:
missing/deleted image from Google+

Clean work as usual @A_vdK . Very nice.

Developing ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ variation. Release expected next week
missing/deleted image from Google+

Update posted on watchawear. Fixed ‘Friday’: this was displayed incorrectly