New Ambient Clock for Kospet Optimus Pro(Rooted Only)

I’ve edited the Ambient Clock of Kospet Optimus Pro

Kospet Optimus Pro Modded Mabient Clock

Good morning, that’s a good news.
What features of the ambient clock have you edited?

Only change the Skin. I can change it to Digital if I wanted to though. I’ll also try to change the brightness

That’s really great news. I will try your app as soon as possible. Any screenshot of your edited version?

Click the embedded link to see

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I was looking at this the other day too, but unfortunately, as you said, it’s root only because it’s a system app.

Looking at the code, we should be able to make this screen whatever we want


I was going to show my complete ignorance of anything technical (Again!) and ask why it could only be used on a Rooted watch…but luckily your post saved me from asking such a silly question! Oh, wait a sec, I did ask it, didn’t I? Oh well, at least you posted the answer before I asked! :rofl: Cheers, Doons

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a how to would be greatly appreciated


Yep, a how to would be greatly appreciated so we could change it ourselves.
Also can you change the brightness of the ambient clock? Heard its pretty low.


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We will have to look into the code for the brightness value.
Iscle might have seen it but I’ll have a look as well.
If it’s not in there we will not be able to change it.


another WIN for the community, should you create the digital version i do believe you will have the entire entire community thankful ! (satisfy everyone, analog and digital lovers)

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Has there been any more work done on this?
It would be really great to have a digital option for the stock always on display.