NEW - A new watch from FINOW - The Q7!! See the details in

NEW - A new watch from FINOW - The Q7!!
See the details in these images for the new release from Finow Watch.
Review added from Mr Ticks
It will retail for around $80 USD.
There has been a little delay in the release of this watch but it seems that it will be available at the end of June.
Ok - from Finow direct today: The Finow Q7 will be in stock in 2017/6/12
June 12th. If anyone wants to order one - when you make your order be sure to say you are from this community and you will get the best price available.
Dual core for good power consumption, SD card slot, SIM card slot, 512 ram and 4gb storage. A very nice watch on a budget price!

…pff… a serious step backwards.

Actually it is very nice watch with 1.3 display and not as most watches; this one will appeal to women too.

And a freaking camera, wow!

@sonia_sophie_ataunna My wife use lemfo y3 , and q7 form and stech specifications is similar… (but Y3 about 3* better resolution like this q7 ! ). She says: this is not a feminine watch. She like the resolution in y3, but not like the form.

Really not a good way from finow, that my definite opinion.

Otherwise, this poor resolution will be like this :
(I have prepare one pic, from my upcoming face, with calculated smaller display size and lower res.)

How big is the battery, which is built in ?

@zsolt_m i did not think that kind of a difference! the problem is there are’'nt new watches which are 1.3".

@Edward_Henry it is 5.1

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Well, this picture I made from the native resolution of specification in PS…( I’v seen another watch before in 240px res, that was crappy…)
That mean: current we have 160000 pixel in 1,4" . This will 57600 in 1,3". So, the screen 2mm smaller, but the resolution 1/3 like the current watches… Sorry, but true…
No.1 S9 , same res, and same screen size…

it’s like 8bit Nintendo Console vs 32bit PS4

After all the comments, remember that the top price for this watch is gonna be $80 - it’s a value for money watch. Simple.
It’s an entry level watch for people on a budget.
If you are after a Z10 or X5 + then you don’t go for this.
It’s like the Y3. Same kind of thing.

They should try to be innovative instead of making something that was fairly good into less, just for the sake of market share? What is the message here?

Please moderate your comments, don’t forget it’s an entry level watch. We don"t compare an I7 notebook with an entry level AMD… For the price it’s not a bad choice to discover this new universe…

@Eric_Hammerstein the message is that this intended for smaller wrists and a low budget.
The X5 pro on the other hand is a premium watch due to be released in a couple of months but will cost twice as much.
I think the message is pretty simple really

Let’s wait for the Pro.

hmm… when we don"t have chance to comment , than simple just lock this. I think Our opinion is important. Lot of us, use these Chinese watches. Lot of have issue with. When the watchmaker company want release new model, for me its okay.
I do not know the target group, but not the women are sure, maybe the kids, for this “tiny screen” …
The name q7 means something of a real premium category (like audi Q7). This is rather a7, very entry level.

Look forward, and want to see any news the real premium category, or similar like this “wishwatch”. :wink:

@zsolt_m And this one exists or is it only a dream ? Not for me by the way, 2’’ is too much for my size… :wink: But i know some big guys that would be happy with that…

@Alessandro_Limonta Humor is not problem as long as it’s not at the expense of someone else’s work.
You see the humor in that sentence (expense / money) ?
No bad feeling here, it’s just moderation.

@Eric_Crochemore Eric I’v wrote : wishwatch… The Face exists, will come… Anyway sometimes bigger is better (some ladies say that too).

Everyone can comment - of course.
You can say what you like about it but, the picture posted earlier was nothing to do with the watch and offered no constructive feedback at all.
It was a comment directed at the manufacturer and we don’t support that.