Never had a smartwatch,

Never had a smartwatch, but ordered a D5 on a black friday sale…so only just shipped and won’t have it for a few weeks, but played with trying my hand at making a couple of faces. No idea if they will work on a real watch…

Volentia download:

Stiptik dowload:

Couple of questions: Imagine one the hourminute array there’s no way to to have the hour as a single digit until 10?..always has to be ‘09’ vs ‘9’?
On the Stiptik face I wanted to use one of the standard arraytypes for the battery level to have a line move around the outside of the watchface, but could only change color and position of them and not size…Is this possible? I ended up improvising with images but was a compromise…

Great designs.
Does this post comply with rules about credits to the original designer?

Loving the Volentia face, thanks for creating it @Darren_Bockman ​! Can’t wait to try this out on my Finow X5… bet it’s gonna look amazing!! :?)

Hi my watch is overlying can you please help me how to flash it?

@Chris_Hawkins Thanks! Hope it looks ok and works…lol Never made one before and don’t have a watch to test it on right now :slight_smile:

@Ciro_Danise I believe it should comply. Stiptik has nothing begged, borrowed or stolen, and the Volentia is based off a photo of a vintage pocket watch face I found.

@Darren_Bockman That’s fine. As I’m not able to find any info about existing Stiptik or Volentia brands then I asked you to be sure. Thank you and doubled congratulations for this great designs.

@Ciro_Danise Ha cool, those were just nonsense stream of conscious words I thought sounded appropriate. Glad they have a ring of authenticity!

@Darren_Bockman I’m sorry but English is not my native language so I feel that I didn’t catch the real sense of your last message.

@Ciro_Danise Sorry, just meant I made the names up, and happy they sounded like real names. :slight_smile:

How can I install this face? When I clicking the link it’s opening extracted folder, phone not giving me option to save the zip as is …

@stas_tad After clicking on the link it’s opening the G Drive web page with the content of the zip file, but on the top of the page there is the download button (the down arrow)

That’s what it’s opening web I clicking the link…
missing/deleted image from Google+

@stas_tad It seems to me that you are not using the G+ client on your phone, instead you are using your web browser which just leaves the handling of the .zip file to the default handler set on your phone.
Either change/reset the default .zip handler or use the G+ client

Using g+ client, don’t see this option in settings… ok, never mind,
I will search the solution in web , thank you:)

Hey Darren… i’m in the exact same situation! Still waiting for my D5+ too… and I post some works too ! It’s a nice way to wait ! Great job by the way !

@Roland_Tanguy_Lannuz Thanks! You too; very clean stuff! Unsure I’ll even get it by Christmas…patience will be tested for sure.

Thank u bro realy cool… -

@ameesh_ash Thanks! Whats the link? (It’s private)

En español . Por favor. Graciad