Need android watch for my 6 years old daughter

Hi I need an android watch for my daughter she is six years old, can use android phones. But for watch i want less complicated os, along with it should have a GPS as well as some 3/4G video calling so whenever she goes to school I could track her I could know where is she is and just whenever I will need to talk to her I could talk to her… so can somebody suggest me which watch is the best with android applications. thank you

To be honest size maybe a issue on a six year olds wrist ? They will look huge . Also if you wish to track her all day battery life also needs to be considered along with data charges . However based on cost , battery etc if there are any left maybe a kospet Prime SE but as i said this is not ideal and will look big . Thanks


They make tracker watches for kids and I would think this would be a much better choice. I don’t know if they have calling ability but I assume she also has a phone. Here is the top 20 I found with Duck.


Thanks for the replies. I will check it out.
Meanwhile can somebody tell me if this watch are available?

I know lem11 is almost same kind of watch. I don’t know who created first.

Has anyone used it?

Thanks Andy. about GPS… I think using apps we can get location only when parents will request so some how battery can be managed.
I think it has same features what LEM11 has. do you prefer Kospet Prime SE on LEM11 for some special reason? I’ve not used LEM11 at all not my preference yet… but just because of comparison … in lem11… she can have good (external) battery to listen poems etc. but I think LEM11 is no more on AliExpress… :frowning:
I’m seeing more lists too…

I have a Lem11 . The screen is very very small but quality , battery and back up battery is great . Also great for playing music . The prime SE is a great all rounder again with great battery

I guess for her. .round screen will become a little issue when things will be cropped in display. Do you think Lem11 is discontinued? … or could you cell yours :relaxed:

I think its still available . It was on promotion a few months back for £45 . A bargain and great toy

If it helps,
I purchased this Lemfo Kids Watch for my 6 year old Granddaughter and it fits fine. Has 4G and GPS and some other decent features and has capacity to make video calls. There are quite a few kids smartwatches in a fast growing market but many of them are 2g. Some countries like Australia (mine) no longer support 2g.

It’s not the cheapest kids watch but my grandchild is very happy with and so are her folks.
If you search around you will find it.
Hope this helps a bit. Cheers

I think a LEMFO LEM10 would be the best choice. It’s not that big, at least not as the other ones. The LEM11 is cheaper, but also it’s only held on by magnets, which in a kid I’m sure would last less than 1 hour in their wrists lol

The version for kids that @Gazman posted ( looks more appropriate for a child, but I don’t know if it runs Android, and also I don’t know how long the battery would last. We also won’t be supporting it on the forum since it’s not made by any of the brands that we have an agreement with.

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The Lemfo G4 Kids watch does not run a full android version as we know it. As far as I could tell it’s a some kind of hybrid OS and you can’t install apps on it. It has settings functions and an emergency SOS button (which is programmable) and there is the capacity to voice call pre-detemined phone numbers and video calls and can also send text messages. It supports wi-fi and bluetooth and has GPS location\tracking and an onboard camera.

My grandchild has used it many times and the battery generally lasts a few days of normal (kids) use and charges in about 2 hrs. That’s the limit of my knowledge on it. :grinning:

The lem10 is a great watch but depending on how much you are tracking - gps - data i would be wary of the battery

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yes… I think you gurus are right… I already own Lem10 and this seems very good… nice GPS 4G… 3/32 version. I think I can give mine to her for a test for a few days… if this will work… I can buy a new one for her with same specs… I dont’ need battery for many days… but by morning I will give her full battery charged and in after noon when her school gets over… I can recharge it again…

I appreciate your support. … yes… giving mine to her for a test driver will be best idea.


@mfarooqi … it’s a good idea to give her your watch to try out.

The thing I like about the Lemfo G4h kids watch is that the child can’t get into all the different system settings and change it all. My grandchild used my Kospet Prime SE watch for an hour or so and it got very hot because she was always tapping on things.

The Lemfo G4H kids watch has basic fixed settings and the child cant change very much on it. The watch doesn’t get hot if they play around with it a lot either and I like the SOS button feature.

I don’t have a LEM11 so you wold have the best idea what will work best for you. A good thing about a full Android watch is that you can get some support though the good forum people here.

All the best.

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Thank you Gazman…
You know what… I won’t give her with default launcher… . rather I will give her with some different launcher where I could hide what is not safe to be touched…
or may be with my favorite “smart launcher 5” . I am still using it. I can hide all apps (but only what she needs… I’m searching what apps are better for her… … with a nice screen lock option… Also there are a few options available with launchers to add “screen double tap” as SOS… … but still a lot to check yet.

@mfarooqi You can aso take a look at this one.

Not on this site please.
Don’t want anything to do with these and the sales links

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but the plus is… it supports microSD card. :slight_smile:

Thanks… @Kyrnath… it has pedometer… not a bad option but… point is… it is only 8gb/1gb in almost the same price … Actually what you get is what you pay for!.

I gave mine LEM10 to my daughter… and you know what… that was to big for her… but interesting point is… she kept playing “pedometer” count by running all the time. … was very excited with youtube’s kids nursery rhymes along with her. But… because of it’s size, she was a bit comfortable. …

Now i’m thinking in two ways… if I get even smaller screen, that won’t be good for her eyes… … (it is not necessary that she watch for prolonged time)… that can be managed. and If I buy bigger screen that won’t fit on her wrists.

Secondly… After seeing her excitement … I will have to keep using this Lem10 for another day… or a few days.

Now i’m testing some few launchers… (I searched Launchers for kids)… and googling too for other watches.

Maybe I can do a quick launcher for you. What are you looking for? If it’s something easy I can do it.