My watchface is finally complete ! Tell me if u have problems with it

My watchface is finally complete ! Tell me if u have problems with it :slight_smile: (and try sending a photo so I can see what’s the problem)

Features : *
- *Battery level is represented by the “signal bars”

  • The hour is represented by the “frequency”
  • Kojima glorious face (if you are on a square watch)
  • Faces on the left changing with the day of the week
  • Faces on the right changing whith the weather
  • The date is in the “subtitles” of the Codec
  • The “CALL” button is blinking once per second

Link :!hx9y3T7C!XHZCNTS6zl54_MCv7TR3UzQ0qRbN413OY-tWMYkOFSY


Looks good… have you mastered the tricky battery level ?

I think he’s used the signal bars…

@Andrew_Davis Oh that one was tricky as hell : CSM preview was SUPER WRONG and it made me stay up very late to correct the damn thing xD. So, here’s what I did : I created an array for the battery level, replaced the numbers with the bars and when I saw the “100% problem” thing, I created another array, where all the numbers are replaced with blank PNG’s excepted for the number “1”. And then, I saw that CSM’s preview was awful xD so there was a lot of strugling with that, but It works fine now :smiley:

That is easy : I made the clockskin background transparent whare the bars are and under it, it put the bars. So, now, how I placed the battery-level bars ? well I made sure that only the decade digit is aligned with the bars, the rest is covered by the background :slight_smile:

and for the “100%” I made sure that the hundreds number was aligned. And as it only appears at 100% level, it does not conflict with the battery level

Hehe xD That pose, smells like late 70’s :’)

When I was your age :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis the force is strong with this one !!


@Andrew_Davis ha ha :slight_smile: