My vision and modifications with "Night Face" of the eternal Rolex Daytona.

My vision and modifications with “Night Face” of the eternal Rolex Daytona.


Version 2 with equal hands DL:

Very nice, thanks

Bravo majstore, samo napred.

@Dragan_Stevanovic nice work. Your work is coming along nicely :slight_smile:

Excellent colors :wink:

How to install this watchfaces?

@piotr_trzaskowski it’s all in the first post, anyway…

I need one more in black&orange, matching with my Lem5 black&orange wrist!

Sorry… After install, black face in my Lem5… :confused:

Ask in the support forum please.

Very ok
Green please

What is the name of application you used for creating the watch face please, i want to try it.

It is nice but the resolution of the background is not high especially for Night-Mod one :frowning:

Hi … the links are broken. Could you please fix them? I really would like to get these clockskins. Thanks

@Cleverson_Sabino I just checked and all links are working well.

Thanks @Dragan_Stevanovic … I clicked now and for me it didn’t work.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Dragan_Stevanovic he is correct - Google has posted a warning that your link has breached their terms of service

missing/deleted image from Google+

You’re right. I’m getting the same message when I try to click on a link without logging on to G+. I don’t know what the problem is because I have not received a single message or warning from Google.

Hi @Dragan_Stevanovic could you kindly re-upload the watch face with another folder name. I getting the same error “breached…”. I really love the design. Thank you.