my uncle Peter ask me:why IQI design and sell 1.3 240*240 6580 3G round

my uncle Peter ask me:why IQI design and sell 1.3 240240 6580 3G round smart watch,why IQI design and sell 1.54 240240 6737 4G square smart watch ,below it is my answer——we or finow or NO.1 have to do this,because the market push us to do this

I am going to let this one stay - normally I would move it to the support forum. But I am planning to host a poll to test the market response to some “questionable decisions” being made by some of our favorite watch makers.

I’v delete my post, waiting to the poll. Good Idea Pablo…

@Alessandro_Limonta it’s “lost in translation” don’t worry about it.
It basically means “when the new 6737 soc arrives what happens to all the 6580 soc watches on the shelves?” The concern is a stockpile of unwanted 6580 watches. However - the 4G LTE watch is a very significant challenge. I have no doubt that the first ones will be pretty large because of the huge cost in battery life and very weak signal.
It will be a brave man who purchases the first couple of rounds until the technology stabilizes and looks reasonable.

@Alessandro_Limonta aha :slight_smile: OK - I see - sorry mate :slight_smile:

anyone who chooses 4g needs to use their watch to browse internet or use some kind of apps and is ready to pay a premium price. thus i think they would appreciate a higher resultion, square design and better performance in exchange of higher prices

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Hello my friend, can you please point me in the direction of watch faces I can use on my IQI I4. Or a thread where I can design my own?

Many thanks I hope I can contribute to the board, I’m OK with Linux so will take time to get up to speed with android 5.

Results from real end user market research from a very divers group of users world wide.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Alessandro_Limonta lol - I know what you mean but - I did this to prove that making these “stop gap” devices - just for the sake of releasing a watch is a really bad idea for both them and us.
Bad for them because regardless of what their flawed market research tells them - they will not sell well at all and could actually cause them to lose money.
Bad for us because we end up with very poor quality cheap watches that everyone complains about.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Where is the poll? I need to vote lowres cheap watch…Can I?

Yep - and the Ticwatch coming in at less then $200 as well
Problem is - they are not stand alone .
I don’t want to need my phone to make calls. This whole thing started because a handful of us bought a fully independent watch phone back in Dec 2015. We liked it. We realized the potential and now we are here.
Don’t want wear. I had it - didn’t like it. Don’t like the interface management and the need to have your phone with you.
E-Sim ? - not interested. So many problems with them and not available in many countries.
Nope - regardless - there is a good market for full android stand alone watch phones. A little more refinement and it will trounce Wear watches.
@C_Khaos I think you know what I mean here .
Sure - a very good one may cost around $170 USD but it would be worth it if quality and design were improved

@zsolt_m don’t worry - I will tell them that you thought the 240x240 screen was great :slight_smile: lol

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 When possible more lower res. screen. Or without screen, just 1*1 pix ideal for me…

Yep! Save the battery all in first! When dont see anything, no prob, just long battery time! I vote .