My Optimus Pro should be here tomorrow

I’m excited to receive it. What firmware do we think will come installed? From reading all the comments about it, it SEEMS like if it’s on 2.5 I should leave it there.

But then it seems like different people are having different results with the same firmware.

I’m confused.

Not everyone has had the overheating issues in 2.7 . I would see how it performs before any upgrade first

Sound advice. Thanks Tim.

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Enjoy . Let the fun begin :+1:

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I have been wondering when you were going to post again. Worried that maybe you had left and I am glad you are still here because I recently made a new Universal Launcher Invicta watchface! Don’t feel pressured by me to install U.L., but that’s what my Invicta watch faces are compatible with. I used my Optimus Pro with the standard launcher for awhile so as to become familiar with the watch before I installed U.L. but it works nice with U.L. My Optimus Pro wigged out a couple of times when I was using the browser, like it was pushing it’s own buttons, but I think the problem is because of using full screen mode. When I switched to the smaller size, (square mode?) it stopped. I think it may have something to do with the display size causing problems near the edges, and if the site you are visiting has a click point there, well, it freaks out. I think you are going to like the battery life and connectivity of this watch as well as the replaceable watch bands. Good luck!

Why am I having trouble connecting to Watch Droid? I have the assistant on the watch, the app on the phone, but consistently get an error message trying to read the QR code. Is it because I have the Thor Pro already connected using Watch Droid? Can you not have more than one watch connected?

Never mind…i connected using BT and then was able to select the watch in the Watch Droid app.

You mean the Venom watchface? I tried loading it and it would completely lock my watch up and not display correctly. I had to delete it to get back to normal working order.

What am I doing wrong?

ok, got it to load, but missing the big hand.

LOL what the hell? Are you using Universal Launcher?

Yes I am. I downloaded UL from the Google Play Store. I used Clockskin transfer to transfer the files over wifi. Thinking that may be an issue, I connected the watch to my laptop, transferred the zip file by copying it over.

Nothing worked. Either locks up the watch or just returns a black screen. What am I doing wrong?

I had a similar issue , i deleted both apps , deleted old watch connection in phone and started again . If you get the issue also of notifictions duplicated let me know . Thanks

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Try restarting the launcher or restart watch . Its best after loading faces etc

Yeah, I’ve restarted the app, rebooted the phone…nothing works for that watchface.

Should I re-upload the watch face to my google drive and supply a new link?

So, Tim, I think you told me when I got my Thor Pro to compare that to the Optimus when I got it. I tell you, there is no comparison on the screen. So much brighter, sharper, clearer. I do miss the size of the Thor Pro. I think my dream watch would combine the size of the Thor Pro with the resolution of the Optimus. Battery life probably would be 20 minutes, lol.

Pretty happy with it so far.

I downloaded your watch face , tried it on thor duel and no issues at all ? A few days back . Using UL

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Sounds good . Once you work through a few niggles you will be good to go . Thanks for the update

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Oh good. I think the problem might be that he may be copying the zipped file into the clockskin folder. U.L. can handle this way, but I have had some problems with large zipped files. I suggest that he install an unzipper such as RAR on the watch and send the zipped file from his laptop via bluetooth to the watch, then unzip it in the watch with the clockskin folder as the destination, works every time this way for me.

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Thank you for helping, Mr. Tim.:slightly_smiling_face:

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