My No1 D5 is stuck in loop. Please help.

My No1 D5 is stuck in loop. Please help.

Let to him will hang itself!

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Then buy good hours. Don’t buy the Chinese garbage any more!

Open the watch and interrupt the battery for one minute, if it wont work you have to flash the watch…

This pic is cute!Sorry but what have you done before it stuck in this loop?Anyway,could you turn it off?If not,do as @Andre_J said.

@Sher_Akiloff why are guys like you in this Community?

seems like cm bootlogo, so i thiink he tried to flash the new custom roms

@Thomas_Hubner don’t feed the troll

You are mistaken! I am not a troll! I am a curator of very large international resource of mobile devices 4PDA®. I edit discussion a smart watch KW88. We tell the truth about this device. These a smart watch KW88 very bad, as well as all other goods “made in China”! We asked Kingwear producer about the help, but haven’t answered us. We are considered fools. But, we aren’t fools! “Iron” - a junk! The software - garbage! It is better to add 100 dollars and to buy a good thing, but not to have a problem…

@Sher Akiloff
I fully understand you,BUT this is the wrong thread to let out frustration. The Author needs help and not comments about bad chinese service, we know this already.
i think it is better if you ask for help in Proboards forum

we already gave the solution.

@Sher_Akiloff which standalone (Simcard watch) alternate you refer to for +100$?