My New Watchfaces "Communicator" New Build with Photoshop, and my own Design.

My New Watchfaces


New Build with Photoshop, and my own Design.
(No Homage , Inspiration of Real existing Watches or Watchfaces)

Special Technique to Work clear from darkness to brightness.
(Also a Second Battery Indicator for a Fast Lock on Screen)

All with Erics Launcher working Widget are Implated.


This Faces Now are only a Present to all Members that Respect the Hard Work from the different Designer in this Comunity, and take the One Second to give us a comment or Like (+1).

I will in Future no longer share Watchfaces with Thausends of “Hidden Members”
so all “Friends” can write a short Mail to me,
and i give the Downloadlink directly to you!

My Mail:

(I am not from kingwear, this is only a created Mail-account for things around my own kw88)

Have Fun :slight_smile:

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good job di di …

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looks cool! congrets :slight_smile:

Nice job Di!

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looks great! where do I get the link for it?

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Excellent work again!

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This is the best Digital never done!

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Fantastic, good job.

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Good job, you could send me the download link, I really like it

Outstading job, man! Really impressive!

Great work as always! :slight_smile:

If the original way ,that’s cool ! Respect !

My friend Di Di! Your work is always amazing and perfect! If I understand you correctly, I need to send a request to your email address. I respect your decision and you may be right in doing so … Thanks.

I agree with Mr.Sher Akiloff. In our dialect i wish to say “Ek like tho bantha hai yaar!!” (At least deserves a like friend!!)

Hello Sher old friend ;), yes this is correct.
I think its better to give the Faces directly to the interested Members. So i see what of my works a welcome. It is shure no problem for the most People to greet a Mail-account. Nobody must give his privat Mail-Account to Request a Face.

Very nice and cool design, I like them both.

Excellent job, pal!

Awesome… Well done

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missing/deleted image from Google+

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Wowww! Very excellent job!