My new project: next Audi watch.

My new project: next Audi watch.


A little change made by me: right dial in original watch is a date dial.
I changed it to battery dial - it was easiest to do :slight_smile:
But perhaps in a second version I will do it like it is in original watch.

New improved version (uploaded 23.04.2017 3:40 PM CET) has also month’s hand shadow.


@Alessandro_Limonta Both csm. Your too. I still don’t have my orderd more than 40 days ago watch. It is alredy in my country and I hope I will receive it next week. Then I will test this face on the real watch.

@Alessandro_Limonta Please test it if you can - check what I am doing wrong:

@Alessandro_Limonta Black shadow is just normal shadow. White shadow is on oposite side - for light reflection on the hand edge. OK - thanks for your advice - I will try.

@Alessandro_Limonta I have not patented this idea :D. So you can use it for free;)

@Jacek_Klodzinski ha ha - that’s very kind of you :slight_smile:
Nice to see some experimentation going on :slight_smile:

@Alessandro_Limonta You are right - with your advice this month’s hand shadow is OK. I just uploaded improved version.

missing/deleted image from Google+

And you can do like the photo, thanks in advance.