My latest skin- the Mystery Shack from Disney's - Gravity Falls A few of

My latest skin- the Mystery Shack from Disney’s - Gravity Falls

A few of you have been requesting it- I made some adjustments, making the hour and minutes larger, along with month and day. I also added some custom corners for the square-boys :slight_smile:

My stuff is always FREE, but if you’re feeling generous, I wouldn’t say no to a donation! It also creates a bit more incentive to do more! Enjoy!


it looks even better on the watch
you did a rely great job
so many details
this is by far my favorite one
thanks agein

@Momi_Az I’m glad you like it, Momi! I’m going to be working on another tonight for the cartoon, ‘Rick and Morty’ I am Twitter friends with, Justin Roiland, the creator. I know he would love to see Rick and Morty on a watchface :slight_smile: heheh

Looks great. Framed well on a Square D6. Really pops on an X5. Thanks!

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

@James_Bridge i cant wait to see it

Great stuff mate :slight_smile:

Very very nice… :slight_smile:

@James_Bridge Can I adapt it to KW88? Tia

This clock watch face it’s rocks totaly .How can i download it !? Thanks and regards from Serbia . :wink:

@Marko_Nikolic from the link in the first post. Not for android wear.

Go here and get @Eric_Crochemore launcher. Once installed you can use any face. If you have the little application compatibility switch in display settings on your watch - turn it off.

Great,Thank you