My latest clockskin is the: Edmond Pole Guardian.

My latest clockskin is the:
Edmond Pole Guardian.

Through turning the gears this clockskin shows the time in 24hr.
When the time is 6 am it shows the number 6
and when the time is 6 pm it shows the number 18.
This is also at the 9 (21) and the 12 (0)

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Pardon me for the stupid question, I am new here. Can you explain to me how to install the zips of the watchfaces on a non android wear device? I own a zeblaze thor S… thank you :wink:

@francesco_zubani I’m sorry i can not help you i dont know how it works on your watch maybe you can find it on the forum:

@bricky_vl thanks bro :wink:

Nice watch face.


@G1NT0N1C ​ thank you so much, I have managed to do this uncompressing the archive in my clockskin folder :slight_smile: it was pretty easy, but I am pretty “noobish” :smiley:

@francesco_zubani download the RAR app on your watch to unzip files download google Drive. Now when you click on the download link to a watch face another page will pop up on the top right click on the google drive icon then go to your watch open the google drive app click on the watch face link you just added to google drive when it opens on the right side of the file you just opened is a box click on the box at the top you will see the trash can well just to the left tap on the two line with the arrow on top it will then pop up to extract file click ok when its unzipped click the box to the right of the file that puts a check mark in the box then again at the top just to the left of the trash can click on the two lines with the arrow on top then tap on the first folder on top of the list that will open up the file manager page and look for clock_ skin_Model.png tap on that then ok it should upload the watch face then exit out to get to the watch hold down on the watch face to open all watch faces on your watch and scroll until you see the watch face you just uploaded. If it didn’t work you need to hook your watch to a computer open up the android file copy the clock_skin_model.png and then rename it img_clock_preview.png. and then put both files back into the clock skin file. so when you download new watch faces they will have to be put into the img_clock_preview.png file every time. Best of luck.