My kid is kind of "addicted" on Mario games.

My kid is kind of “addicted” on Mario games. So, I’ve made this watch face for him, while fixing bugs on WFD :slight_smile:

Download Link:

Star Power is the battery power, while Score is the step counter.

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I grew up on Super Mario. Love this design!

Bugs? Are there any Bugs??? :wink:

Thanks @Marco_Ferreira .
My son also is a Mario fan :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira Apologies for asking this in the watch forum, but figure you were working on WFD so might as well ask: do you know why we dont have access to array type 100 when creating faces? I ask as this array is “flash”, and can display a sequential animation not to disimiliar to a gif. The stock LEM5 Pro has this as its default clock skin. On extracting it, I can see array <100> however has no description. I tried injecting the watchface into the X5 Air - /system/clockskin folder, but it would not display. PM me if you need to, or need a copy of the face to look for yourself. I cant post it here. Thank you in advance.

@Cerebral_Flex I didn’t even knew it existed… Maybe only lem pro supports it? Please send me the watchface (and maybe a video of it working) for me to look at it. Thanks.

@Marco_Ferreira Sent you an invite on hangouts, it has both links you’ll need. Thank you for looking into this for us all.

@Marco_Ferreira hey mate - I sent you an email - is everything ok?

@Cerebral_Flex it won’t display stock faces from the clockskin folder because the stock one can have dependencies in other locations - I mean they are not all together in one place like our custom skins…