My i2 won't connect to sp flash tool....i've used ubuntu winxp win10 win7 but

My i2 won’t connect to sp flash tool…i’ve used ubuntu winxp win10 win7 but the ne pc never recognize a smartwatch…i’ve follow some guide but nothing…can guru help me?

My d5 needed about 20 tries. I had to repeatedly lay it on the loading pad.

One after one…what is your operating system???

You try to change the usb cable. I have 5 cable, only 1 run.
I use win 10 and win 7, see smartwatch i2

Original cable???i’ve tried with 3 but nothing…can you share a driver?

drivers do not need to connect to the PC /i2, Drivers needed if you have to do work with programs such as “Flashtools”.

Someone did root already?

@Luigi_Giulio_Rigato i need to use flashtool utility…can you help me

You have the USB debugging enabled?

Yes but pc not recognized nothing…any help

ok, as soon as I can, I’ll give the drivers, Now I’m not home.

@Luigi_Giulio_Rigato i’m waiting thank you for helping

Hello, excuse delay, the link is of the smartwatch driver “i2”.
I have used them and they are right.
I also have the firmware, issue of V05-20160707.
It is not the last, however, the last I have downloaded via wifi from the watch.
Let me know if you need.
I hope I was helpful.
PS. better to use win 7