my first one, very simple.

my first one, very simple.

Idea was taken from Mike Mak: eyeclock

Timekeeping can be a bit much, can’t it ? Being punctual can start to become a burden. The Eye Clock takes a more relaxed, laid back approach. If you’ve ever glanced at the time and rolled your eyes with a quiet sigh, this is the clock for you. Instead of hands, the eyes move slowly round - one showing the hours and one showing the minutes. This clock may not be the most precise, but it is the most understanding.



Now that’s creative. Good way to teach kids how to tell time as well.

Beat me to it. I’ve been working on one like this

I don’t see the raising and lowering eyebrows yet, Andrew. Do I sense a pulsing colon somewhere in sight?

You know my style, I have been raising a few eyebrows :wink:

Cool… although some how weird…!