My first custom watchface I made for my D5.

My first custom watchface I made for my D5. From the show, Gravity Falls from Disney. I posted this on my Twitter at first and got presently over, 5k likes and 1.3k retweets. There is a video of it there in action. Check out the responses here:

Download the face here:


wow thats rely nice
i absolutely love the mystery shack
beautiful work

can we get a link for it ?

Thanks! Link for the shack? I’ll have it up later this afternoon. Just have to make some adjustments.

looking foreword for it
thanks a lot

It’s posted, enjoy! :slight_smile:

thank you very much for taking the time :slight_smile:

This & the Mystery Shack are really good. Looks like you are applying your patience with clay to good clock face building. M

Fantastic :slight_smile:

very nice, thank you.