my first clockskins.. original watch face from 

my first clockskins…

original watch face from


Great stuff :slight_smile:
Did the guides help you at all? They are pretty good. Andrew did a good job making it easy to follow and understand… :+1:
One thing though - if you use a brand name (of any kind) you need to add a link to their website in the original post above. In this case CATERPILLAR. It is a courtesy and it makes a difference for them and most importantly protects you :blush:
The site rules are linked in the first post here on the forum.

Community Rules & Info -

New watch face talent here :blush:
Thanks again.

nice face, thanks

@boby_istanto good job with adding the link too :slight_smile: Thanks.

Está na hora de trabalhar!:v::sunglasses: