My D5 uses a firmware version 160910.

My D5 uses a firmware version 160910. I do not have any trouble with it.

I can now see available a new version 20160928, but I do not know if download it or not.

Do you know the difference between the two firmware versions?

What is your advice, considering that my D5 with the 160910 firmware version works nicely and it allowed me to eliminate the battery issue I have had in the past?
Thank you in advance.

It works, no difference to see. Battery is also good…

Thanks Andre! I will try…

have you tried if they solve the phone bug ?

The bug with missing clock faces is solved of course…

Tested today. Don’t solve phone bug

I have flashed the new firmware with SP tool and the bug is solved. Try it…

I’m sorry, the bug is still there. After losing the signal, in uncovered area, the watch no longer manage to reconnect the signal. The signal strength indicator freezes and phone call/data not work anymore.

The custom CM-12 rom fixes the bug.
It requires a little polishing but it’s very good.
Same watch face engine and all…
Have a look at the post for it :slight_smile:

Very interesting. And what about battery life ?

I’ve tried to instal, but D5 haven’t a back button. So it’s unusable, because this launcher haven’t a gesture for going back.

@Mauro_S you press the physical button twice to for “back”

Share the link to download CM-12 rom