My battery seems to be draining quite fast on the KW88.

My battery seems to be draining quite fast on the KW88. @john_gully have you experienced the same?

Yes I did have the same it was shocking. Hopefully they will address it in the next update. I think samples are still being sent out.

Yes it is about to be addressed in part in the next update.
Please remember though - it only has a 350mah battery so stay on 2g as much as possible and keep gps on battery saving.

Same with me. Well, the battery drains fast. But still manageable for 10 hours of usage. I only use it for bluetooth notification though. Go with air plane mode if you rarely use Phone Call features.

this mornig with 3g on , gps off and bleutooth off : 1 phone call 3min) + 1 mms sent, 1/2 hour screen on, and 1 apps installed from 3g : battery was at 9% after 4 hours … draining is amazing .

Yes - it’s pretty bad :frowning:
All we can do is hope it will be addressed in the next update which they are saying should be any day now…

@john_gully are you on telstra ?

Update should be around the 25th.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Do you have a list of the fixes due in the next firmware update?

@C_For Not yet. But we are in daily contact with KW so the change log will be available as soon as we get it :slight_smile:

Is the GPS working standalone (with 2g/3g/wlan turned off)?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Great! And it will be OTA?

I tried google maps earlier when I had a mobile data connection and couldn’t get google maps working. I really hope this watch doesn’t have the same problem as the x5!

@Vmax Just tried again and AGPS is working. I will check GPS satellites later

GPS fix in 10 seconds. Picked up about 7 sats! @Vmax

@john_gully because I am on Telstra and get no 3G signal either. Telstra uses the 850 band. The firmware update will not fix this. The watch has to have different hardware to enable these bands and so a new watch would be needed. Optus uses the 2100 band which should work for 3g on this watch as it is now. That’s why I asked.

I have been told the 850mhz will be added on the 25th I guess you take it for what it is, I don’t use sim so its no real problem for me. I hope they can add it to please everyone, that way people will have more faith in what they say.

Yeah - the next run will have the bands built in. Unfortunately firmware update cannot fix this.

But did you turn off gsm/wlan completely? My X5 is working with “a-gps” only if i turn on wlan / gsm. The GPS itself is not working at all and i had to for reviewing purpose. Even after updating the A-GPS infos.

@Vmax are you asking this about the X5 or the KW88? I had the same problems with the X5 - GPS was terrible! I had to root and use MTK gps fix app before I was able to get anything.

The KW88 seems so much quicker at picking up satellites and I tested it inside a large building!

+Calvin Forbes, Hi, I am having a trouble with the gps of KW88. I had tried connecting to wifi. But the gps never locked and always in the status of “searching for gps” when I tried to navigate using Google maps. When you do navigation or using gps in kw88, do you use a sim card? Because I had not tried to use a simcard yet. Just using wifi with t gps turned on.