Music widget won't work with other players


Aimp has been my favorite Android player thanks to its folder-based playlist design, flexible equalizer and ease of use. Recently I purchased Kospet Optimus, but came across an inability to control Aimp playback with a system music widget. I can only control the default Music app with it, but not Aimp: if I try to use the widget while Aimp is playing, it will switch the playback to the music in a default Music app, and if I revoke the Music app permissions, the widget wouldn’t work at all. I took a short video to illustrate the matter (apologies for the poor quality):

I could simply use Aimp without the widget, but I need volume controls to be in the same place as playback controls, because it’s inconvenient otherwise. So how can I make the default music widget work with Aimp? By the way, it’s the same situation with other players.