Music control with X5?

Hi there,
I’m looking for a way to control music on my phone with Finow X5 watch. Changing the song without pulling my phone out would be great. Anyone could help with it? Thanks in advance


i’m waiting for my Finow X3+, i can’t test yet. I’m surprised that this functionality is not already include.
This means that the app “Music” can play back music stored on the watch itself, not a paired phone ! It’s true ?

Perhaps one of this app (or similar) can help :

If someone have a better solution, please spread it.

Seeing that the X Series (and the others as well) are designed to be standalone watches, the stock app does not control music on a paired phone.


By pairing the smartwatch with the phone with SWAPpp Link you should be able to launch and control aplications on your phone.

Hi everyone!
I need some help
I have a Finow x5
can’t connect Bluetooth with my phone (samsung s4 mini)
my phone found two devices x5 and x5-nc
I could paired the device but cant connect
I tried the m2d Bluetooth manager but couldn’t connect the smartwatch
I want to install the M2d

Sept 27, 2016 10:48:19 GMT 1 cr7hg said:

why not just use the watch for music as i do. i think you can use google play that will sync music to both devices.