More questions about faces

" Congratulations"
It’s been a while since I registered to be able to solve some doubts about my Kospet optimus pro, which you helped me solve. Now I have a couple of doubts and I wanted to know if some charitable soul would take pity and give me light on my doubts.
I wanted to know if the faces of wear os are compatible with full android, because I wanted to make the leap to create my own faces but all the apps I see that they are for wear os and I do not think they will work for me on my current device.
I am also thinking of buying another square smartwach for varying aesthetics but I also want to buy it full android and I do not see few options for this format. Thanks in advance for your inconvenience.

You can install Universal Launcher on your watch. It can handle “.watch”-format also. So you can use watchmaker to create faces on your mobile.

Thanks for the reply, I will try the Universal Launcher.
How do I handle the watch format? Do I have to install a program?
I apologize for my clumsiness.

No program is needed to use various clockskins . Universal launcher is all you need . Put your downloaded clockskins in the watches clockskin folder . They will work just fine

Hello Dr_Andy_Vishnu, thank you for your comment.
I mean the possibility of being able to create my own faces.
What application can i use? What is the wuatch format?
I have been looking at the Clockskin program without success and also I wonder if I can create a face if it will work for me on my android 7 device.

You can use “watch face designer” tho create clockskin- watchfaces on PC or Mac.
If you don’t have a PC or Mac, you can’t create “clockskin” faces on your phone.
But you can use the app “watchmaker” to create watchfaces in “.watch” format. Universal launcher can handle both, clockskin format and “.watch” format.

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Thanks for the help, I will install the programs that you have described to me and I will try to create my own face.
If I succeed, I will share it with the group.
Thanks a lot for being there.


Hello good day.
I have followed the advice they have given me, which I appreciate and I have managed to make my first face with the “ClockSkin” program that you have advised me, the truth is that it is quite simple, I have even managed to adapt some round faces to squares with the “ClockSkin” and “Photoshop” support for my other square design android device.
The only limitation in my face is not being able to visualize the calories burned and the total distance traveled.
Is there any way I can visualize it with “ClockSkin”?
If not, does the “watch face designer” program have the possibility to add these complications or different ones?
Thanks in advance and I apologize for the length of my inquiry.

By the way, the face I have created is square in design and I would like to share it with the group.
how can I do it ?
Thank you.

Upload the compressed (zip.rar) watch face to a file share (google drive, mega drive or similar)
You are sharing a preview image and the public path of the file with the community in a new post between the square watch faces.
Please note that you can only share your own unique watch face with the community.
The conversion of another watch face requires the permission of the original designer!

Several people have suggested that using WatchFace Designer is much easier.
Download here

install the java64 bit on your computer (if you haven’t used it yet
unzip the downloaded file.
launch WatchFaceDesigner. jar file.


Please notice that you need the permission of the Designer before publishing.


Thanks Gyuri for the download links, I’ll try the “WatchFace Designer” program to see how it works.
Of course I am not going to publish any adaptation of round to square faces, without the consent of the creator, thanks for reminding me, but it is an obvious detail that I had it in mind.