More news today Here Is the LES1 from LEMFO another of our sponsors.

More news today
Here Is the LES1 from LEMFO another of our sponsors.
It also has a 512/8GB model and a 1GB/16GB model.
This watch has a 2mp camera as well and also has a 350mah battery.
This watch - like the I4 should now support custom watch faces right out of the box.
It will also be hitting the market in a couple of weeks. As yet pricing has not been announced. It is advertised in web stores but prices may vary when real stock lands.

Here is great video from Mr Ticks

i’ve been looking everywhere for the watch face that appears in the photo with the dimensions of the watch… can someone please hook me up with it? I can’t seem to find it :frowning:

It’s a combination of an application called twisted and a file.

Style not bad, camera is big blunder, ( the place of the cam more bigger , instead of button!?). :smiley:
… im curious how many user will push the lens. When I good see in s7yler test, in basis no clockskin compatibility. Just maybe with other launcher/apk.

Firmware will be changing soon @zsolt_m ​. We have been working with the solution developers to ensure watch face addition for customers is a reality. Have to bear in mind that the example in the video is an early engineering sample.
I agree about the camera though. Maybe customers will be pressing on that out of habit :blush:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yep, I thought about your help with the fw . :slight_smile: Anyway I’m trying made with photo when I wear the watch, with this position of camera with"2mpx HD cam" make me “smile”…

@zsolt_m ha ha :slight_smile:

With a watch face from Ruslan Sokolovsky.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Is it possible to get remote control music on a different watch,like the lemfo Lem 5?

I doubt it. It extremely difficult to get anything working through Bluetooth with any of these watches. You can try to find a Play Store app.

I’ll look for an http://alternative.thanks

Actually this is same as les1, oder?

Yep - same watch and they are not being truthful about the battery

A little update about Bluetooth - the firmware guys are developing a fix for this. I have tested it and it is working very well. Good stable connection. Looks like camera control will be possible and some other good stuff like better notifications from your phone etc etc