More IQI I3 Details.

More IQI I3 Details.

As well as the post here:
I have some more news about the I3 and photos of the Sliver/Black watch in the wild :slight_smile: Not fantastic photo quality but considering was a holiday weekend there in China - not too bad.
The retail price of $129 US may seem a little high but - as well as great quality engineering, there is a a bonus to be had. Each watch will come with a headset - a Bluetooth headset :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I don’t have any images or more details regarding the headset yet but a BT device like this would certainly be a welcome partner to the watch.
Hands free for driving or listening to music - it’s a nice touch.

Great update.
The most relevant news for me is that it finally has a “not alligator skin” leather strap :slight_smile:

Pablo thanks for the information. This is a very attractive watch. Is the body material of this device plastic or stainless steel? In my opinion, the quality of the material and the engineering are much more important than including a Bluetooth headset. I personally don’t perceive much value in adding a headset, especially since Bluetooth headsets are very inexpensive now a days. I hope their focus is on putting out a superior quality product especially since they are asking a premium price compared to the other stand alone watches like the D5s and Finow watches. I really like the design of this watch so I hope it’s quality can justify the $159.00 price tag.

well, it’s funny you should say that … :slight_smile:
In the photos it does have that kind of strap - the type that was on the I2. However they will not be issued with that strap. The ones which reach the market should have a strap similar to the KW88 strap material :slight_smile:
@A1_Web The casing is an all-metal construction - including the bezel. I doubt that it will be stainless steel though.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 maybe little offtopic but do you have any clue how much the kingwear kw98 gonna cost?? roughly?
because if it is to much high im gonna buy the d5+.

they have not released pricing yet unfortunately. After Oct 10th we will know more. Our KW rep is off getting married at the moment :slight_smile:

That said - if you are thinking along those lines I would get the X3+. Better build quality.
Or if you like those watches (X series) and can wait a little while - the X5+ and Q3+ should be available in November. Full 400x400 amoled screens - both of them.

I agree, as I have the D5 , X3+ and X5. I can’t wait for the x5+ to be released. My X5 is my favorite watch, very high quality.

ooh thanks i was gonna buy one around my birthday (7 november)) so maybe gonna wait a little longer :slight_smile:

i hope they are under 150$ and 1gb-8gb storage so … lets pray xD