Messenger lite not receiving after reboot

I am using (Facebook) Messenger Lite on a Kospet Prime.
It seems it never gives me any notifications about new messages (not receiving them), unless I manually have opened the app once since last reboot.
So it would seem the app misses autostart…
I have excluded it from Background Cleaner and Battery Optimizer and allowed unlimited data.
Does anyone know of a way to get it auto started or what is required, so it will automatically be ready for reception after a reboot ?

Not tested personally, but you might try this app:-

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I am trying with Macrodroid, but first attempt didn’t really help. It does apparently start “Lite”, but does not have the wished effect that I get notification if someone writes me. Will experiment further.
Hoped someone had found a solution already.
WhatsApp seems to work much better, I don’t have to ‘help’ it at all…

i use the regular facebook app and the messenger app instead of the lite versions and they seem to work good. im not sure what the advatages to the lite version is but the normal phone app works good for me.


personally, I am sure that the fault is not the watch, but its software-android

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Me too, that’s why I raised the topic in the Android software group rather than the watch group.

you might want to try the regular facebook messenger app instead of the messenger lite app.

i think the “lite” means it intentionally uses less data and has a built in data saver.

A app to try would be a Auto start app. i use these to help make sure my widgets and button remappers are active when i restart the watch i guess it would work for something like facebook too

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