Message for the Finow developers.

Message for the Finow developers. I am quite satisfied with the actual rom, but there is a small ergonomic problem that whould be quite easy to solve.
Most apps use a navigation drawer pattern, the small hamburger icon on top is not accessible, but the swipe from left to right should open it. Unfortunately the swipe gesture have been changed to close the current app. It would be good to change this gesture to preserve the usability of most apps.
Other thought : Some apps seems to be configured for squared aspect ratio even if the current mode is round. Could this setup be inlude in the application settings to let the user chose on an app basis ?

I have noticed this too and have asked the company to look at it but they are incredibly stubborn and think that their work is supreme, lol :slight_smile:
However, I will keep asking. @Eric_Crochemore ​ may know a bit more about how to adjust gestures as he and Jesus have been working on the launcher quite deeply.

This is the exaxt problem i have to
If they fix this and battery this is da perfect watch

I am relatively happy with the battery, up to 2 days when power save is on. I will try to find in the ROM where they store the aspect ratio setting for Gmail/inbox etc… Maybe with a rooted device I can add switches. For the gesture, I don’t know, not sure it’s possible.

Yeah I had to reduce the font size in display. It’s set to extra large which is annoying so I set it normal…

@Julien_Ortega that is exactly what I have been complaining about too! (X5+). Also: Apps should be on the left of the clockface in stead of swiping 100 times to the right… And they should put the settings into the apps.

Luckily I got Mobizen to work, so I can now check for updates in the hamburger menu of Play Store. But only when I’m on my laptop and connected to the same wireless network as my watch. It’s just a real drag… My X5 was way way more user friendly.

@Julien_Ortega hiw did you get 2days battery me not a schoolday with only bluethot and flipscreen on…

@Monkey_Eating_Banana He uses powersave, which disables all the goodies like bluetooth and WiFi.

@Monkey_Eating_Banana I disabled flipscreen, installed root booster (not sure what it change), brightness to 1. I also followed the advice of making full discharges and charges (also not so sure it helped). Normaly I get 60% after a day (8am->8pm) and can run until the next evening (with power saving mode during the night).

ll@Julien_Ortega will try that, i do brightness 1 but enable flipscreen

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Don’t know about gesture managed by the system, and if it applies to all apps, this is probably that…

well, I thought it was worth asking …